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Raven is asked by Devon to go to a Blue Rain concert, but her grades are slipping due to spending too much time with him. Tanya tells Raven that if her grades don't get better she'll be grounded and she'll have to miss the concert. Meanwhile, Cory wants to hang out with a "Cool Girl" who makes fun of William's clothes and Victor becomes slightly obsessed with his new paper shredder. William helps Raven with her science project but she forgets to help him so Cory gets mad at her and the boys shred the formula for the project, so it takes Raven all night to put it together. Then at school she ends up creating an unstable chemical reaction which causes her and Victor (who had come to bring her the formula) to get covered in some sort of blue substance that will not be washable for 2 days. Raven is grounded until her grades improve and she's not allowed to go to see Blue Rain with Devon. That night, Devon tells Raven that since she can't go to the concert he's bringing Blue Rain to her.


  • One moment William has a dish rag on his head. When it shows Raven and back to William, the dish rag is automatically on the table and it is off his head, but it didn't show William taking the dish rag off.

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