Boyz 'N Commotion is Season 3's 14th episode of That's So Raven. 


Raven convinces the Boyz 'N Motion to take a break from their music career. Meanwhile, Tanya is frustrated of the Boyz's laziness and their very particular demands. Cory plans to profit off of the Boyz's trash by selling them online. 


Raven's favorite band, Boyz 'N Motion, have booked the Chill Grill for dinner. While Victor had initially assured the Boyz that they will have their privacy from their fans while they eat, this proved to be impossible when Raven, then Chelsea, then literally a whole swarm of Raven's other friends infiltrated the Chill Grill to demand autographs and pictures. The Boyz was instead invited to the Baxter home for compensation. 

Raven couldn't keep the Boyz's privacy and in her eagerness has been bragging that The Boyz would eat at Chill Grill. She has even gone so far as to leak the exact hotel the Boyz would lounge at. As a result of this, The Boyz mention their dread of having to return to their hotel where they suspect more fans would be waiting. Raven consoles the Boyz and suggests that it may be therapeutic for them to take a break from show business. She then has Victor and Tanya offer their home to the Boyz since "someone" (Raven) has leaked their privacy already. The Boyz were impressed with the Baxter's hospitality and insisted that The Boyz "has got [Raven's] back".

The next day, Raven refuses to disclose anything at all in an attempt to retain their desired privacy. This frustrated her entire school and has even attracted the attention of Bianca, who is allegedly "so bad that she got kicked out of military school. Bianca mocks Raven and is extremely skeptical that Raven is even acquainted with the Boyz. Raven took the bait and revealed to Bianca that The Boyz mentioned that they got her back. Bianca suggests that if Raven really is familiar with The Boyz, then she could get them to sing at the school's music festival that night. Raven immediately accepted the proposal without consulting with The Boyz first. Because The Boyz had earlier said that they got her back, Raven was initially comforted, however after she received a vision of literally the entire school throwing trash and rotten tomatoes at her chanting "We Hate Raven!", she gets very worried. 

Meanwhile, Tanya is disgusted with The Boyz's laziness and sloppiness. She is also annoyed with the Boyz's various impractical and very specific demands, such as not letting any of their foods touch. She attempts to reason with The Boyz but they just tune her out. Later, when Raven gets home from school she attempts to persuade the Boyz to sing at her school that night, but The Boyz refuses and said that Raven inspired them to drop out of show business "forever". Raven pleaded, begged, and bargained with them, but The Boyz were resolve on their decline.

In desperation, Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie disguised themselves as The Boyz N' Motion. However, with Bianca's sabotage, the entire school saw that it was just Raven and her friends. The vision then came true when, orchestrated by Bianca, the entire school throws their trash at Raven chanting "We Hate Raven!"

Meanwhile, Tanya got fed up with the Boyz's sloth-like behavior and refused to tolerate their laziness any further. She also voiced irritation that The Boyz had abandoned Raven when she needed them. The Boyz then rushed to Raven's school to save Raven's reputation. 

Cory finds out that literally anything that The Boyz touches will generate income due to The Boyz's celebrity status. He sells literally trash and has even a lock of the Boyz's hair online. The episode ends with Victor and Tanya catching Cory counting his cash. They were disappointed, not at Cory, but at themselves for not realizing this potential sooner. 

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