Boyz 'N Commotion is the 14th episode of Season 3 in That's So Raven.


Raven convinces them to stay away from the business and the fans. Meanwhile, Tanya is tired of cleaning up the Boyz mess while staying there, so Cory decides to collect the trash and sell it on the Internet.


Raven’s favourite band, Boyz 'N Motion have booked the Chill Grill for a private dinner, and Raven has been bragging to all her friends about them going to the Chill Grill, but when Raven’s friends come to try to see them Raven is the one to keep them away from their fans, and she ends up inviting them to the Baxter’s house for dinner.

The boys complain that they don’t want to have to go back to their hotel with all the fans following them, and Raven suggests tat they take a break from their fans and try to be normal. Tanya and Victor tell the boys that they’re welcome to stay at their place, and the boys tell Raven that if she ever needs a favour the boys will have her back.

At school everyone tries to get Raven to tell hem what happened with the boys, but she won’t tell them anything. Muffy tells Raven that their new leader, Bianca doesn’t believe that Raven even knows the boys. Raven tells them that the boys have her back. Bianca tells Raven if it’s really true she’ll get the boys to sing at the school concert festival that night. But Raven has a vision of the school chanting “We hate Raven” and realises that something’s going to wrong.

When Raven gets home from school she finds out that the boys have decided to drop out of show business and take a break from everything. They tell Raven that they’ve never been happier than now, and they’re definitely not going to perform at Raven’s school.

Raven doesn’t want to be accused of lying, so she, Chelsea and Eddie disguise themselves as the boys, and they get the school turned against them when they find out Raven couldn’t get the boys to perform. But Tanya has told the boys that it wasn’t cool of them to refuse to help Raven out when they told her they had her back, so they end up coming to perform at the festival after all.

Meanwhile, Cory figures out that anything the Boyz 'N Motion touch sells for money on the Internet, so he starts taking all of the things they have used and selling them for a big profit. When Tanya and Victor find out, they help get in on the money-making and find more things for them all to sell.

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