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Victor talking to Ms. Patterson.

Plot Summary

When Victor and Tanya take a weekend off, Raven and Cory suspect they will have the weekend to themselves. But their father nixes that idea, as he has hired one of their old babysitters, Miss Patterson (aka: Push-Over Patterson), to watch over them.

Many years ago, when Victor and Tanya went out to dinner for Tanya’s birthday, Victor left a cake he baked for her in the fridge, and when he came back, it had been eaten. Raven and Cory blamed Miss Patterson, and she admitted to something she didn’t do. Now, she is out for revenge — and has BIG plans for Raven and Cory!

Episode Continuity

  • Victor mentions that the last time he left Raven and Cory by themselves, they threw a party with a mechanical bull. This is a reference to the Season 3 episode Hizzouse Party.
  • This is one of the episodes where Raven and Cory are actually seen getting along.

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