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  Chelsea Ophelia Daniels (born 1987) is Raven's best female friend during her stay at Bayside High School. She is played by Dutch-American actress and singer, Anneliese Van Der Pol.


Levi Daniels ( son) 

Chelsea generally comes off as either absent-minded or a very bit of a air-headed, not understanding the most simple, obvious things. Though she can be absent-minded, she deeply cares about her friends and would never let them down. She is a down-to-earth and eco-friendly teenager. However, she is very gifted in other areas. She is great with animals and works in a dog groomer, where the owner said she was the best groomer they had. She also has great leadership skills, taking charge of several protests and is president of her school's greenery preservation club. She is also a teenage prodigy in the arts.

Chelsea is the opposite of her 'city girl' friend Raven. She enjoys nature and loves camping, and is even able to find edible foods and fungus out in the woods. She is also very spiritual in contrast to the 'materialistic' Raven. She can sometimes be found meditating or doing things for 'spiritual' health.

She refers To a specific relative at times. her Cousin Earl. She also likes to make jokes, which only she would laugh at. Despite her apparent lack of common sense and intelligence, she has a few surprises up her sleeve—such as occasionally knowing certain "smart" things, which usually tends to surprise everyone else.


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She is shown to have long red hair with brown eyes.

She is a Vegetarian.


More images of Chelsea Daniels can be found at Gallery.

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