Cory Baxter is Tanya & Victor's son and Raven's little brother.


Cory is Raven's younger brother. He and Raven often argue, but in the long run, they care deeply for each other. Even as he gets older, he claims that playing pranks on Raven is one of his guilty pleasures. Cory has two best friends, William and Larry. Together, the 3 boys form the band "Cory and the Boys", with Cory as the drummer and lead singer, while Larry is the guitarist. William starts out playing the clarinet, and then plays the keyboard. The band has one song: "Feelin' the Love".

Cory is an aspiring businessman/entrepreneur, and is shown to be obsessed with money. Often, he creates "get-rich-quick" schemes behind his parents' backs, in which he always gets into trouble. Cory also has a close relationship with his pet rat, Lionel. While younger he had a crush on Chelsea. His catchphrase is "Cha-Ching".




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