Cory and the Boys
Name of the group: Cory and the Boys
Gender of the members: Male
Number of the Members: 3
Members: Cory Baxter
Smash Hit: Feeling The Love
Number of the songs: 2
Instruments: Guittar,Drums and Flute
One time members: Tanya Baxter
Practice Room: Baxter's Living Room
Place of the Gigs: The Chill Grill
Cory and the Boys is a band who's leader is Cory.


Cory gave the band name. It means Cory (Cory Baxter) and the Boys (the boys are Larry and William). By name is obvious that their leader is Cory.


  • Cory Baxter (the main leader, singer and drum player)
  • Larry (one of the Boys, Guittarist and singer)
  • William (one of the Boys, flute player and singer)

Temporary Members (one time thing)


They usually don't have a lot of gigs. They had one or two gigs at The Chill Grill.


They are a pop group. But once Victor's friend came to visit him. He is a DJ. They had an opportunity to get their smash hit to a radio. But the DJ was a Rap DJ. So they turn their band to a Rap band. Then the DJ told them that he is a country DJ. So they turn into a Country group.

Feeling the Love

Can you feel it
Can you feel the love
nothing feels better
than feeling the love
Evrybody knows that
when push comes to shove
Nothing feels better than feeling the love

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