Cow Raven and Cow Chelsea are alternate versions of Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels that starred in the episode "Don't Have a Cow". They appear in one of Raven's visions on Halloween, in which they use spells to attempt to get invited to Alana's party, but ultimately end up turning themselves into cows.


Raven and Chelsea were upset that they weren't invited to Alana's Halloween party hosted at the Chill Grill, which they were eating at. They start eating their burgers, but Chelsea realizes that Raven's dad mixed the burgers up and she was eating Raven's hamburger. Being a vegetarian, she was ashamed by her actions.


Chelsea dropping her pin in the cauldron causes her and Raven to turn into the animal on it.

They then go to Raven's house, where Chelsea now wears a pin with a cow's face on it. Raven tells her to forget about it and they check out the contents of a magical chest belonging to Viv. They find a book on spells and discover a spell that can grant wishes. They prepare a concoction inside a cauldron and wish to be invited to Alana's party, only right after to receive a call from a hypnotized Alana who invites them. They then decide to use the next wish to be the most popular girls at the party and win the costume contest. They get so overexcited at the spell they don't notice Chelsea's cow pin fall into the cauldron.


Chelsea cleaning her face off with her new tongue.

While trying to figure out costumes to wear, Chelsea notices that Raven's ears are long, and pointy like a cow's. Raven starts freaking out and shows Chelsea that they're not part of a costume, as they start moving. They also discover Chelsea has a long white tail on her back. When they find out they both have cow ears and tails, Eddie arrives at the house to take them to the party and they hide their cow parts while trying to get him to leave. Eddie asks for the spell book to go with his wizard costume and they let him have it as Raven starts to moo.

They discover the badge in the cauldron and realize that they are slowly turning into cows because Chelsea accidentally wished they would be cows by dropping the button in. They figure the spell book might have something to reverse the magic, but remember that they lent the book to Eddie, who is on the way to the party. They decide to go to the party, figuring that their appearance wouldn't matter as much since it's Halloween.


Raven struggling with her hooves.

They arrive at the Chill Grill only to find that the transformation is getting worse when they see they both have snouts. While trying to find Eddie, Raven and Chelsea's bodies (as well as behavior and appetite) continue to change to that of two cows. They finally find Eddie and the spell book, but Chelsea ends up eating the page with the reverse spell that could've stopped them changing.

Alana's friends then interrupt the party to announce the costume contest winners. They were shocked to discover that Alana came in second, expecting her to win as usual. An outraged Alana runs up to the stage and angrily finds out that Raven and Chelsea ended up winning. The audience starts applauding, and it's revealed that the spell completed and Raven and Chelsea are now fully transformed into cows. Despite the outcome, they realized they still got their wish to have all eyes on them and decide to "milk it".

It is then revealed that the entire episode was a vision and Raven stops Chelsea from eating the burger, thus preventing any of it from ever happening and the real Raven and Chelsea stayed humans.



For the majority of the episode, Raven and Chelsea retained their human physique, but more of their body parts turned into cow parts as it went on. When Eddie met them at the house, they used towels to cover their ears and stood next to each other to hide their tails. At the party, they didn't hide their parts as people would interpret it as part of a costume. Before the costume contest announcement, they had had cow ears, tails, snouts (Raven's was black while Chelsea's was pink), hooves, and tongues.


How Raven and Chelsea looked during the transformation.

Raven being able to chew cud possibly means her digestive system converted to a cow's four-chambered stomach, albeit a miniature version since she and Chelsea showed no signs of weight gain until they were fully transformed (which would've been noticeable since even young heifers weigh at least 600 more pounds than humans). The pitch in which they're able to moo also means their vocal cords were affected.

At the end of the vision, Raven and Chelsea have the bodies of two Holstein cows. They have black and white fur, and physically, Raven is taller and larger than Chelsea than she was as a human. Despite their fur, they still retained their human hair which helps distinguish them. Raven has brown, curly hair while Chelsea has red, straight hair.



Raven and Chelsea as Holstein cows.

The transformation also affected how Raven and Chelsea acted. They started to have an uncontrollable habit of mooing (With their voices becoming low pitched when they did so). They would either moo accidentally when saying a word that rhymes with moo, or sometimes out of nowhere.

They didn't have control over some of their morphed body parts. Raven's ears twitched by themselves in the bedroom, and her tail was swung upward and hit Chelsea in the face without her knowing it. Their hooves also made it a problem for Raven to pick up a cup or Chelsea to turn the pages of the spell book, as they were used to having fingers.

They also started eating like cows would. At the party, Chelsea gets distracted by someone dressed as a farmer and starts eating his straw hat. She later drinks out of the punch bowl with her face similar to how a cow would drink water. Raven chews cud and doesn't realize it until Chelsea points it out. Chelsea's new eating habits end up dooming them when it causes her to eat the page they needed to stop the transformation.

When Raven and Chelsea are fully transformed they supposedly retain some of their human minds and can still talk (though it is left ambiguous). The ending shot on Raven's eye also implies she may still have her psychic abilities.



"I have cow ears? How did I get cow ears?"


Cow Raven

"All right, take it it's yours, now just mooooooooooooove."

"You wished we were cows? Why couldn't you have been wearing a Halle Berry button?"

"You are not a cow! You are a human being!"

"It's not gum, it's cud."

"It's truuuuuuuuuue. We really are cows!"

"Mind as well milk it!"



Cow Chelsea

"Cow, Cow, where art though? You're in my stomach now."

"Hello; I have a zit and a tail!"

"Eddie has taken the book; we are definitely dooooooooooooooomed."

"Hello, Rae? We cannot walk into a room full of people looking like cows!"

"Hold on, Rae; I only have two hooves!"

"Mhm, mm, and it's goooooooooooooood."

"Yep, all eyes are on us..."


  • Raven and Chelsea are not the only Disney Channel characters to be turned into cows, as Dave on Dave the Barbarian and Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb were also turned into cows once (Though the term cow makes more sense with Raven and Chelsea as cows are female). They are however the only live action Disney Channel characters to turn into cows.

The students applaud Raven and Chelsea for their "costumes."

  • The cows that portrayed Raven and Chelsea were required to have leashes on their snouts, which is why they are seen with leashes in the ending. The cow that played Raven had a brown leather leash with a small chain and the one that played Chelsea had a metallic one with a larger chain.
  • Their clothes disappeared once they fully transformed. Making this the only episode in which they appeared nude
  • The cow that played Raven is constantly seen licking her snout in the ending.
  • The real Raven and Chelsea end up milking an actual cow named Trixie in Country Cousins.