The Cow Pin is what Chelsea wore on her shirt in "Don't Have a Cow". She wears this pin after accidentally

eating a hamburger at the Chill Grill, feeling guilty since she's a vegetarian. The pin has a brown cow's face with a red slash through it, encouraging people not to eat beef. When Raven and Chelsea later make wishes with a spell made in a cauldron, Chelsea's pin falls from her shirt and into the cauldron, but both fail to notice.

The pin has a much larger negative effect that they realize, as it causes the two to start transforming into cows. Since the pin fell in a wishing spell, Chelsea unintentionally wished she and Raven were cows. They try to stop it, but ultimately end up failing and they become cows. It's then revealed to be a vision and Raven stops Chelsea from eating the burger, thus making the events never happen.


  • Despite the pin showing a brown cow, Raven and Chelsea turned into Holstein cows, which have black and white fur.

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