Devon Carter is Raven's steady boyfriend from Seasons 2-4. He previously had braces on his teeth and bad acne, and was known as "Bucktooth Carter". After he had his braces removed and his face "cleared up" over the summer, and came back to school, Raven and Alana were constantly fighting to be his girlfriend. He eventually becomes Raven's boyfriend and continues to be even after he moves to Seattle, Washington. Although he and his family move to Seattle, he still sees Raven when his father visits San Francisco on business trips. Even though they say they are each other's "only love", Raven nonetheless has numerous crushes between his visits. Devon has a little sister named Nadine who is jealous of Raven. After his family leaves Tanya assures Raven that Devon will always be in her heart.

Raven's Home

Devon is the ex-husband of Raven and the father of her two children in Raven's Home.



That's So Raven

Raven's Home


  • Raven's ex-husband was initially set to be a man named David. This was later changed to Devon.

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