Don't Have a Cow
Air date October 17, 2003
Written by Michael Carrington
Directed by Richard Correll
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Don't Have a Cow was the second episode of the second season. It originally aired on Disney Channel on October 17, 2003.


Alana is having a Halloween party. Eddie is invited, however Raven and Chelsea were not invited. They want to go, so they use Aunt Viv's spell book to cast a wishing spell to be invited, and it goes through. They cast another one to make them popular and win the costume contest. However, a pin on Chelsea's shirt that has a cow on it ends up failing in the spell, causing the two of them to slowly start transforming into cows. They go to the party to stop the spell before they end up mooing on four legs. Meanwhile, Cory thinks he's to old to go trick or treating with Victor.

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  • When Chelsea pulls the book out of the trunk, while walking toward the bed she looks at the spine and says it's called A Book of Potions, Spells, and Incantations. But if you look carefully, there is nothing on the spine.
  • A running gag was that Raven and Chelsea would moo in a low pitched voice (similar to how a cow sounds) whenever they said a word that rhymed with "moo", but at one point Raven said "no" and Chelsea said "good" in their mooing voice, despite neither word having a sound that rhymes with "moo".
    Cow tongue

    Actual Holstein heifers portrayed Raven and Chelsea at the end of the episode. You can see by their hairstyles the left one is Raven and the right one is Chelsea.

  • Everytime the girls have their towel wraps on, you can clearly see their ear lobes. Also, Chelsea's ears can always be seen behind her cow ears.
  • When Chelsea drinks from the punch bowl with her face, her face is soaked. In the following shot, her face and hair are dry.
  • When Cory is talking to his dad about not trick or treating with him, his barbel keeps appearing and disappearing between shots.
  • Eddie is seen standing next to Raven and Chelsea before the costume contest results, but afterwards is nowhere to be seen (likely to give the cows on set more room).
  • There are a number of plot holes that can be seen in the episode:
    • Since the whole episode was a vision, it's unknown how much of Cory's sideplot was legitimate (though the ending scene implies it all happened).
    • They never stated if the wishing spell had a limit, meaning that Raven and Chelsea could have possibly wished for the transformation to stop.
    • No explanation is given for why Raven and Chelsea's clothes disappeared when they were fully transformed and why they had leashes on. Since real Holstein heifers portrayed the transformed Raven and Chelsea, the leashes were likely used to control them on set and they weren't given clothes since human clothing doesn't fit on the larger bodies of cattle.
      • However, it doesn't make sense from a story standpoint, as leashes aren't a part of a cow's anatomy and even if Raven and Chelsea had outgrown their clothes from their increased weight, their torn clothes would either still be hanging from their bodies or fall onto the ground (though it could be possible that the spell caused the clothes to magically disappear).
    • The students didn't seem to notice how drastically different Raven and Chelsea looked before and after the costume contest despite looking at them before (when Raven mooed while everyone was silenced) and after (when they applauded the cows for winning). This could be referencing Raven's prediction that them looking like cows wouldn't matter since it's Halloween, but this implies the students didn't know the difference between cow costumes and actual cows.
    • Raven's visions are usually quick and she sees a few seconds of it, but in this case she saw the entire day from the moment Chelsea ate the burger to the part where they win the costume contest as cows.


  • When Alana calls Raven and invites her to the party, she and Muffy are sitting on the storage bench in the Baxters' living room.
  • It's rumored that this episode was the reason Season 2's opening was replaced, as people found the shot where Raven's cow ears are twitching back and forth too creepy.
  • Raven and Chelsea turn into Holstein cows, which have white and black fur, without horns. But the pin Chelsea dropped that was the cause of their transformation featured a cow that had brown fur and horns. Also, despite having fur they did retain their human hair (likely for the audience to know which cow is which).
  • Raven and Chelsea technically turned into heifers, not cows. Cows are female cattle that have given birth to a calf and contain udders that both humans and calves use for milk and dairy-related products (which is why Raven joked about "milking it" at the end). Since neither Raven or Chelsea had given birth to a calf yet and don't have fully-developed udders, they are biologically heifers.
  • The heifer that played Raven is constantly seen licking her snout holes, even while "talking."
    • The lower lips of the heifers that play Raven and Chelsea are briefly computer generated to make it appear like they can talk. Chelsea's longer cow tongue when she licks the punch off is also digitally enhanced.
  • Being that the majority of the main plot was in a vision that Raven immediately prevented from happening, there hardly is a plot for the real Raven and Chelsea after the early Chill Grill scene, and it is left unknown what they did after Raven stopped the vision from happening or what would have happened to the cow versions of them in the vision.
  • Raven and Chelsea moo a total of 12 times in the episode.
  • Popular Youtuber "Too Much Mouth" released a makeup tutorial video in which she recreates Raven's cow face with makeup. She also homages several moments in the episode in the intro of the video.


Chelsea (while reading her poem): Cow, cow, where art thou? You're in my stomach now. Cow, cow, tell me how, I accidentally made you chow?
Cory (when he wants to go trick-or-treating by himself): Dad, I think it's time we had the talk.
Victor: Tanya!!
Cory: Not that talk!
Chelsea (about her burger): Oh my God, it's meat! I just ate meat!
Raven: Ew, ew, ewwwwwww. I almost ate something healthy!
Cory (to William): This has been the worst Halloween ever! Your costume set off every car alarm and home security system in the neighborhood!
William: I wanted to rewire, but no, you couldn't wait to get your precious candy.
Raven (to Chelsea): We wished we were cows? Why couldn't you have been wearing a Halle Berry button?