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Pressure talking to Raven Baxter in the video for 'Gotta Get You Back'

Gotta Get You Back is a song by R&B artist Pressure, from That's So Raven Too Much Pressure.

Music Video


Pressure and Raven Baxter play the main parts in the video, along with several backup dancers. The inspiration behind the video was by Cory Baxter.


The video starts with Pressure in a white room singing his verse, accompanied by backup dancers. The camera then changes to Pressure, this time with Raven. Raven then smiles to the camers, and then her face is in a picture frame, with Pressure now singing to it. His teardrops then fall on to the picture frame with Raven's picture inside it. Because everything that happens to the picture happens to Raven, a load of water falls on to Raven's head. Pressure then sings the chorus of the song.

Then, we see Pressure eating cream while singing his verse. But because Pressure spills some cream on the picture of Raven, raven opens a door, to get hit by cream. He then, once again, sings part of the song with his backup dancers. After that, he lifts up the picture frame. Because that's being lifted up, Raven is too. When the picture is tossed into the trash, Raven too, is tossed into a dumpster. The video condludes with the backup dancers wheeling the dumpster, with Raven, who is now covered in water, cream and trash, inside it.

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