Plot Summary

The episode begins with Chelsea string out the window. She is telling a group of strangers about how upset she is about the school getting rid of her favorite tree. The group of stranger disperse and Raven and Eddie arrive. Chelsea tells them that the school is going to get rid of Old Oakey and Raven thinks that she is talking about the nurse. Chelsea corrects her letting her know that she actually meant the tree. A new boy Jake approaches reinforcing Chelsea's argument about how important trees are to the environment. Raven notices the Chemistry between the two and encourages the relationship.

In order to protest the schools decision to chop down Old Oakey, Chelsea and Jake get students to sign Chelsea's shirt. There are several spaces that Chelsea won't let people sign on because they are her tickle spots. Chelsea sneaks away for a moment to gush over Jake with Raven. Raven encourages her to continue to flirt with Jake. After Chelsea leaves, Raven has a vision that Jake is eating ribs. She expresses her concerns about the vision with Eddie. Eddie says that the need to check every rib joint in San Diego.

After checking all 42 rib joints in San Diego, Raven and Eddie rest at the Chill Grill. Raven is disgusted by Eddie who has barbecue sauce all over his face. He defends himself by saying that it is rude to go to a rib shack without ordering a slab of ribs. Jake passes by them with a toothpick in his mouth, and they almost don't notice him. Raven shouts out his name. Eddie reassures her that he would know if her dad sold ribs. Raven points out a sign that advertises the Chill Grills new Rib special.

Raven confronts Chelsea about this, and Chelsea is not happy. She feels like Raven is just trying to take away her happiness. She makes personal attacks on her character and visions. Chelsea becomes very upset and decides to move out of Raven's locker. She ends up moving into Jake's locker.

Chelsea asks Senorita Rodriguez for a hall-pass. She goes to the nurse and the nurse sends her home. Instead of going home, she climbs old Oakey declaring that she will not let them cut him down. Jake does the same thing, and Chelsea explains that he will climb the tree with her. Raven gets upset, and she and Eddie go to the Chill Grill where they see Jake eating ribs. Raven and Eddie go after Jake, but Raven's Dad stops Raven. Eddie gets through and asks Jake why he did not Climb the tree with Chelsea. He explains that Chelsea is cute but not tree climbing cute. Eddie sprays Jake with barbecue sauce and Jake runs out. Raven's Dad explains that he was his best customer.

Eddie and Chelsea climb the tree where Chelsea waits. They tell Chelsea that they actually saw Jake eating ribs this time. Chelsea says she figured he wasn't coming when She saw the nurse leave. Eddie and Raven develop a deeper appreciation for Old Oakey, but Old Oakey falls on top of them.

In the end, they plant a brand new tree Little Oakey.

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