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Ya little nasty!


Raven Lydia Baxter, played by Raven-Symoné (credited as Raven), is the main character. Age 14 (Season one) 14–15 (Season two) 15–17 (Season three) 17–18 (Season four)

General information

Raven is a precognitive teenager. Often referred to as "Rae", she has a sassy attitude and a grand personality. She has friends and a loving family, and she goes to Bayside High School.  Raven Baxter is extremely allergic to mushrooms, and her favorite drink is orange juice. According to Chelsea, her favorite gemstone is diamond, her favorite vegetable is corn, and her favorite animal is stuffed. Raven is well known for her fashion sense and style. In fact, she loves fashion so much that she even designs who own clothes and wants to become a fashion designer like her idol, Donna Cabonna, whom she worked for as an intern. When she makes an appearance on the show's spin-off Cory in the House, her father is surprised by her unexpected visit at the White House and exclaims, "You didn't get kicked out of design school because they don't give out refunds!", thereby revealing that she attended design school after leaving high schoool.



Raven (Smile/Serious Face)

Raven is of African-American decent. Her eyes are brown and her hair color is usually jet black (except for season two, where it was dyed light brown).


A trademark thing about Raven is that she is a master of disguise, which fits in with her troublemaking antics and passion for becoming a fashion designer. What prompts her to dress up in a disguise is usually her psychic visions and dressing up in a disguise is just one part of her plan to either make her vision happen or preven it from happening.


Raven is clairvoyant and frequently has "visions", which allow her to see into the future and see what may happen next. However, most visions are vague and she isn't able to "see" everything that might happen in the near future. This causes her to wonder on what her visions really mean, in which case her attempts to change these upcoming events end up either making it happen or making it worse, depending on what the situation is.


  • "Oh snap!"
  • "Ya nasty!"
  • How ya'll doin'?"
  • "Oh, no [he or she] didn't!"
  • "I'm Okay"
  • "Gently!"
  • "Gotta go!"
  • "Home skillet biscuit!"

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