Santa Claus is the mythical gift giver during Christmas that visited San Fransisco to help Raven.

Season 1

Raven opened her Christmas present early and accidentally had it chopped in a lawnmower. Raven spent the next few days trying to get a replacement, causing her to miss all of the thing she usually did with her family.

At the mall, Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea, tried to escape from Mr. Petrachelli, who was working at the mall as the mall santa.

Raven was caught by Mr. Petrachelli, but was surprised to see he knew that she was psychic. He revealed that he was actually Santa Claus and gave her another chance at Christmas. Santa sent time back a few days and Raven decided not to open her present. This is an example of the Deus Ex Machina as used in some Disney television episodes such as "In Ren We Trust" of Even Stevens which resets the episode


Season 1

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