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  Stanley is Eddie's next-door neighbor, who is obsessed with Raven. Serving as a minor antagonist of That's So Raven, he is rude, obnoxious, mean, sarcastic, and chauvinistic to everyone. Despite that, Stanley has partnered up with the main characters on several situations, mainly Eddie and Cory. However, he usually ends up scamming them. An example would be times when Stanley, also a young salesman, would get Cory to buy one of his products, but the item eventually goes wrong.

Throughout the series, Stanley is seen trying desperately to get Raven to like him back - but he suddenly leaves her alone, after he sees Raven kissing a boy named André. He also loves cheese sandwiches, and he constantly asks for them at the Baxters' home. When he beats Victor Baxter in a ping-pong match, he requests a cheese sandwich in the shape of a ping-pong paddle.


He is just like any other little kid, but likes selling stuff to costumers. Mostly, Cory though. He likes to rip him off and Cory doesn't like it.


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