The Undercover Disco Divas is a TV Show in the world of That's So Raven.


The two disco divas are named Coffee & Cream. Their actual identities are unknown. They try to thwart bad guys with their funky outfits and funny dialect. They appear to be licensed police officers.

Role on "That's So Raven"

In the episode He's Got The Power, Victor Baxter wants to have a 70's night at The Chill Grill, so he rents an episode of Undercover Disco Divas for the family, as well as Chelsea Daniels and Eddie Thomas. Everyone appears to enjoy the show. Later in the episode, Raven and Chelsea disguise themselves as Coffee and Cream in order to stop a bully from threatening Eddie that Raven saw in a vision. The Undercover Disco Divas are not seen or referenced in any other episodes.

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