Victoria Kayne was the Teen Look Magazine's fashion editor and the fashion show hostess.


Season 2


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Season 2

Victoria Kayne is introduced as a former supermodel and the fashion editor of Teen Look Magazine. She feels threatened by Raven's body confidence when she models for the fashion show. When Teen Look selects Raven as one of the contest finalists, she is overjoyed--until she sees a copy of the magazine, and discovers that Teen Look has digitally constricted her figure into an inhumanly narrow shape. Raven is shocked and horrified. "How can they do this to me?" she asks. "It is me, I mean, that's my face, and that's my dress, but that is not my body!" When Raven talks to Victoria about her figure, Kayne responds. "My dear, we love your design. We just . . . don't love you wearing it." and that she doesn't have "The Look". She then tells Raven Emayshia will model her dress in the show next week.

After Raven gets some encouragement, during the Teen Look Magazine's Fashion Show, hosted by Victoria Kayne herself, she interrupts Emayshia coming out in the dress she designed. Kayne advises Raven to get off stage but Raven refuses, and gets into a dance off with Emayshia, which she thinks Raven is good herself and winning the accolades of the audience. After it's over, Victoria shouts that Raven's ruining the show and says again Raven doesn't have "The Look". Raven goes on to tell Kayne that no one looks like "the look" and everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. After telling Kayne "Put that'' in your magazine", both Raven and the Emayshia booty-bump Victoria Kayne, sending her sailing into her cover billboard, destroying "the look," once and for all. She is never seen again after this, except during on of Ravens flashback visions.


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