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Raven loves her new room so much that she decides to have a party, until she had a vision of not having fun. So in order to fix that, Chelsea tells Raven about a dating website for her school. Raven joins, thinking she will find her perfect match, but instead her perfect match is Eddie!  Eddie and Raven decide to give them a shot as a couple, which goes great until Raven had a vision of them being unhappy. So she breaks up with Eddie because of that, but doesn't tell him about the vision, which in turn makes him upset and he leaves her room. Later on at the party, Eddie shows up and Raven is happy, except for the fact that Eddie's date is Loca from their school. Raven is upset and her party is just like her first vision. She soon had another vision of Eddie and her married, successful and happy that she finally tells Eddie the truth. He understands and told her not to worry about what's going to happen in the future. They both try to be a couple again and while slow dancing, they both kiss. However, they both feel nothing and decide that they should just stay friends. When the party is over, Eddie is the last to leave and Raven and Eddie both say their goodbyes to each other claiming they will see each other soon. Soon as it may be that Eddie comes back to Raven's house and kisses her again. When they break apart, they both claim that they didn't feel anything and that they will see each other again at school. When the door closes Eddie said that the kiss wasn't bad and inside Raven is smiling and walks off, ending the episode.


Cory and Stanley try to find a way to sneak in Raven's party after not being invited.

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